Anza Muenchow(non-registered)
Enjoying your work
De mieux en mieux ! J'ai l'impression que celle que je verrais bien chez moi a gagné un prix !

About Basque Country(non-registered)
Congratulations. A extraordinary work

La mirada sobre Euskadi, de una vasca de Iparralde que vive en Cambridge (una maravillosa colección de fotografías)

Katy O'Conner(non-registered)
Wow i love the eclectic style and the color. Keep embracing your instincts! I love peeking into your work to see what you are up to and where you've been spending your time!!
Santa Fareri(non-registered)
Miren ,

Your eyes have certainly captured surprising, whimsical and often much more than just beauty !!
They do indeed take you to another place . It seems as though they were taken with lens of your heart.
Very nice ... Very nice.
Sarah Crane(non-registered)
Miren, your photographs are exquisite. Wow, you have an eye for beauty and humanity.
Tes bateaux sont supers aussi!
Kudos! Ton site et tes photos sont formidables. Tu as vraiment un don. J'aime en particulier tes "closeups" - cactus, rouille, ecorce d'abres, etc. J'apprecie aussi, l'humour, quand il s'agit d'animaux. Au fait, ton chien Toaster is super. J'aimerais bien le connaitre. Continue de partager tes photos avec nous.
Bill Powell(non-registered)
I've taken a few looks at this site and really enjoy it each time. A lot of quality work.
Susan Nalband(non-registered)
Your wildlife gallery was such a great way to start my day!
Gorgeous images, beautiful detail, sprinkled with a little humor.
Going to refill my coffee and explore some more.
Looking forward to seeing more of your images at our meet up next week.
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