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A Walk at Fresh Pond

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A Walk at Fresh Pond

American Southwest

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Arizona Landscapes

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Basque Country

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Boston Pride 2013

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Desert Cactus and Flowers

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Flowers & Leaves

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Foggy Day, Chesapeake

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Mes Souvenirs

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Mes Souvenirs

Miami Beach

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Miami Beach

Oh My Goddess!

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On Display

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Private Portfolio

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Reflecting on Snow

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The Free French: My Father's Story

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Tree Bark

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Guestbook for Portfolio
Anza Muenchow(non-registered)
Enjoying your work
De mieux en mieux ! J'ai l'impression que celle que je verrais bien chez moi a gagné un prix !

About Basque Country(non-registered)
Congratulations. A extraordinary work

La mirada sobre Euskadi, de una vasca de Iparralde que vive en Cambridge (una maravillosa colección de fotografías)

Katy O'Conner(non-registered)
Wow i love the eclectic style and the color. Keep embracing your instincts! I love peeking into your work to see what you are up to and where you've been spending your time!!
Santa Fareri(non-registered)
Miren ,

Your eyes have certainly captured surprising, whimsical and often much more than just beauty !!
They do indeed take you to another place . It seems as though they were taken with lens of your heart.
Very nice ... Very nice.
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