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Project Statement: My Father’s Story

This project is about my father’s story. In 1940, when he was 15 years old, he escaped German-occupied France to join General de Gaulle’s Free French forces.

Like many of the men of the Greatest Generation, my father spoke sparingly about the details of his war experience. I have put together the photographs and memorabilia that remain. I have had to piece together the narrative, based on family stories, and all too limited historical documentation. What my father conveyed to me was not in the details, but rather in his love and devotion to his country, and his admiration for General de Gaulle and the other members of the Resistance. Like him, they would accept no less than a defiant, liberated and resurgent France.

As I reflect on my father’s experience, I am reminded of what true patriotism and love for one’s country looks like. Now, in my adopted country of the U.S., we face existential threats to our democratic ideals. I pray that we have the resolve to safeguard the values we hold dear.
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