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Artist Statement

The objects in my images are ones I have collected over the years. Some are from my travels. Others are gifts given to me by people I care about. All have sentimental value. All are colorful. Many have been stored away, out of sight. Some have been in plain sight, but so much part of my daily environment, that I have not really seen them for too long.

In this project, I explore and spend time with each object and see it under a new light or angle. I position each object so that the space the light surrounding it brings it back to life. Place in dramatic lighting, it takes on prominence. I reflect on each object’s shadow, its imprint on my life. I travel back to Cuzco, Cuenca, Guadalajara…. Revisiting my past, I reconnect with that person who gave it to me. I remember what I was doing at that stage of my life. I observe the object in its new light, and am taken to a place of contemplation and calm. I hope the viewer will be taken to that place also.
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